You may think your home is clean, the floors have been mopped, the surfaces have been cleared and wiped and the beds are made. But when was the last time you cleaned your mattress or your sofa?

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Did you know how essential it is to cleaning these pieces of furniture at regular intervals? If you’re not cleaning these highly porous materials then there’s a chance the bedding and cushions in your home are already swarming with dust mites, bacteria, allergens and even dead flakes. Sofas and mattresses are a perfect breeding ground for microbes, mites and fungi and they also keep dust and allergens trapped within.

Risks if you don’t Deep Clean your Sofas and Mattresses?

When you don’t clean your mattresses or sofas you don’t know how seriously you could be putting your health at risk. Although it’s unlikely, you need to be aware of the serious health issues that you could be causing yourself and your family by neglecting these furniture pieces.

Firstly, you are at risk of sleep deprivation. This is because dust mites and allergens can cause skin irritation which can lead to you waking several times in the night. Prolonged sleep deprivation can even cause insomnia, mood disorders and even obesity.

Secondly, your body is at risk of allergic reactions. A dirty sofa or mattress is home to millions of microscopic bugs known as dust mites. They feed on human dead skin flakes and can be the cause of itchiness, lung irritation and even asthma attacks. Unfortunately, dust mites are known to live very deep within the fibres of sofas and mattresses so once they are in, it’s extremely difficult to completely remove them and they reproduce very quickly.


How Often should I be Cleaning my Mattress and Sofa?

It’s usually best to get your mattresses and sofas cleaned by a professional as they have the correct tools and techniques to do the job. Chances are if you use harsh detergents then you could damage the fabric and overall look to your sofa. An expert professional mattress and sofa cleaning company can safely get the job done in no time and completely minimise the risk of your furniture being damaged. Not only this but a professional company can save you from unnecessary hassles and headaches and will leave you with a deep-cleaned, expert result.

There are no strict rules or guidelines on how often you should get your sofas and mattresses cleaned, however we recommend every 6 months is a safe amount of time. Don’t wait for your mattress or sofa to become visibly filthy before you consider cleaning them, it could be that by this point your furniture is so infested you will need to change them altogether. So get in a regular habit throughout the year and keep your home dust and mite free.

Which Cleaning Company should I Choose?

Before you choose which cleaning firm you’d like to call in, you should check out the company’s reviews, a quick online search should give you a fair idea about the company’s background. Companies who have an excellent customer service record are most likely to best complete the qualified job. Also check the company’s industry experience; better experienced technicians are much less likely to damage your sofa or mattress. New companies unfortunately try to lure customers in with discounts and deals but may not perform a thorough job.

Check out the company’s certifications and business affiliations, a business who has more credentials will usually be able to provide a much more satisfying service. Lastly you should always compare services; your company of choice should have a competitive price and offer detailed quotations. You don’t need to break the bank for a simple mattress and sofa cleaning service.

Finally, if you have never thought about getting your sofas and mattresses deep cleaned, now you know how important it is. These furniture’s are supposed to provide you comfort, so with a proper and regular deep cleaning habit, you can ensure their comfort and safety for years to come.

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