If I had a crystal ball, I’d be asking it “when is this COVID-19 pandemic going to end?”

I’d also be sanitizing it as often as possible with my hand-held UV-C germicidal light.

For more than 20-years we’ve been educating people around the world about the benefits of UV-C light.

We’ve also been equipping our service providers with all of the tools they need to sanitize every type of mattress, upholstered item or any type of porous surface, as well as hard surfaces, using the Hygienitech System and our UV-C based and chemical free process.

Now, more than ever before, we need to collectively get our message out and the best way to do it is using and dominating all of the social media.

It’s the ideal time to let everyone in your area know that while we cannot cure the COVID-19 virus, we can certainly do our part in stopping it from spreading.

Even if they’re reluctant to have you service their home or multi-bed environment right now because of all of the restrictions that are in place, they’ll certainly be ready for you when the world’s doors are finally open again.

With regard to these restrictions, it is important to note that although many places may be closed to the public, they may be very receptive to having our services performed now, before they open up for business. This applies to private homes as well. If you want to do something to show people that you’re capable of providing our services right now, then we would suggest that you do some digging online and locate some type of hazmat suit or any type of protective clothing, as well as a protective face mask.

If you’re able to do this, put this outfit on and either take a selfie or have someone take your picture and post this on your website and every social media site you’re on. We are professionals and we need to look that way, now more than ever.

My Crystal Ball might also tell me that when this pandemic is over, we will all be living in a different world. Everyone and every place of business is going to be more germophobic and more aware of the harmful contaminants in our surroundings.

I wish I was there to shake your hand (even though Dr. Fauci says that we should stop shaking hands now and forever) and thank you for being a member of the Global Hygienitech family.

Now let’s show the world what we can do.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay visible.

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