Operating as one of the major and prime upholstery cleaning services in Singapore, we are well aware that upholstery in Singaporean households undoubtedly play a key role. Every household has a substantial amount of upholstery in their living rooms as well as in their bedrooms. The main elements of upholstery mostly include sofas and carpets. People try and spend a large portion of their income in decorating their homes by buying the best quality sofas with the most unique looking fabric on it. However, even with the best quality sofas, you can never get rid of the dirt and dust that makes your sofas unclean and that is where our cleaning services play their role exceptionally well.

Throwing light upon the staining of the sofas, water play a major part in staining the upholstery. This is primarily because water is the most used fluid drank by both; adults and kids. People usually sit on their sofas and then drink water increasing the risk of accidental spillage of the water staining the fabric of the sofa.

how to clean sofa

With us being in the business of providing cleaning services, we assure you to keep your worries at bay regarding water staining the fabric of your sofa. Here, we provide you the most tried and tested ways of water stain removal from the fabric of your sofa.

First and fore mostly, turn a large and wide towel inside out and iron it with a great finish. Light colored towel would be preferable. Next, carefully place the water stained sofa fabric on the towel. After wetting the stained area lightly, press the iron on the stain. Once it cools down, repeat the ironing of the stain. This should dry out the stain completely. Repetition of ironing the stain, around three to four times should ensure that no traces of the stain are left on the fabric of your sofa.

Apart from this, if the water stain on your sofa fabric is left unattended for a long span, then you would have to put in a little more effort as the stain would have toughened a bit causing a brownish tone on the fabric. This would cause you sofa to appear dingy. To encounter this, you can take a dry sponge and apply a little alcohol on it. Scrub the area of the sofa fabric where the water stain rests and leave it to dry. The alcohol breaks down the molecules of the stain and you would see the stain vanishing in a while. If you are using this method to clean your sofa fabric, make sure not to do it a heated environment as it could worsen the stain.

An exception to this is if you have a leather sofa. In this case, you should pull out the cloth from the sofa and let it out in an open place for it to dry. Be careful that the open place is not sunny or heated but a cool place preferably a room with fans. Making use of a high quality leather conditioner, treat the leather with extra caution.

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