Disinfection Services

We provide professional disinfection services for residential and commercial properties. 

You may think your home and office is clean, but viruses & bacteria cannot be seen with our naked eye especially areas with high-contact points such as door handles, telephones, switches, remote controls, photocopier’s start button, taps, flush buttons and etc.

Disinfection & Sanitisation Services

Importance of Disinfection Services

Our homes and offices are the most prominent place where many of us get together, therefore the air quality has to be kept clean as much as possible as preventive measures prevent us from falling sick. Doctors always say “prevention is better than cure” sanitising is carried out on our cleaning process, which means a healthier environment for you and your family.

What is included in Disinfection & Sanitisation Services?

Our disinfection & sanitization services is the germs reduction process to a safe level and is suitable for the residential and commercial area (e.g. home, office, F&B, tuition centres, workshop, warehouse and gym)

Methods of Disinfection

The process starts by our cleaning experts determine the concentrate required before fogging your place with the alcohol-free disinfectants; covering a wide area as well as hard-to-access places without direct surface contact. Ensuring that any surface of your area is protected from bacteria and viruses.

Our Disinfectant and sanitization system Electric ULV Fogger machine with Disinfectant Cleaner is great for refilling product sprayers, sanitization dilutions, mold remediation, commercial use in facilities and hospitals, and covering large surfaces and areas. Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, kills fungus, mold, and mildew at the source and inhibits growth, sanitizes 99.999% of bacteria on food-contact surfaces with no-rinse required, and eliminates odour at a molecular level, not by masking with fragrance.

How Often Should I Disinfect?

Proper disinfection should be done regularly to reduce chances of infectious diseases transmission, especially during times of outbreaks such as SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola and the recent Coronavirus outbreak; to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for your employees and visitors, for your family and loved ones.

Benefits of Disinfection  

  • Benefits of our Disinfection Cleaning Services Protect Your Family
  • Eliminates 99.999% of germs, viruses bacteria and even superbugs.
  • Removes mold, spores and airborne viruses
  • Reduces the chances of sickness
  • Complimentary Air Quality Assurance Checks
  • Non-toxic, safe for babies and pets
  • Quick disinfectant
  • 1-hour quick dry process
  • Reaches even hard-to-reach area

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