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Our carpet cleaning process  will create an environment that is spotlessly clean visually but also thoroughly hygienic. Our experts has apply this tested carpet cleaning method for a very long time and success is guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning Services

How Important to Routinely Clean Carpets
Carpet plays an important and healthful role in filtering the air indoors. It absorbs pollutants such as soil, dust and allergens. Over time, a dirty and polluted carpet will result in a health hazard to your home or office.

The vertical pile of carpet traps and hold many times its weight in small particles, including microorganisms, dust, dust mites, mould and fungi allergens that enter the indoor environment and descend onto it from above. And vacuuming keeps a carpet cleaner on the surface, substantial research suggests that carpet does not release these elements back into the air.

However, just as it is important to clean or replace a furnace or HVAC filter, it’s important to routinely clean carpets. Cleaned carpets look inviting. It is also important that you maintain inner hygiene too, the advantage of this is a healthier environment for you and prolonged life for carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning service is a proven method for achieving a clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day.

Run the machine on the carpet, the two counter-rotating brushes (different types of brushes depends on the amount of dirt and the quality of the carpets) will remove deep down dry loosen the dirt and create a “lifting” effect on the carpet pile.

Encapsulation cleaning method
The pre-spray solution is added to the process to eliminate any odours and onto heavily soiled carpet areas. Use the machine to brush in all directions. cleaning deep down within the fibres. Uplift flattened carpets piles to its softness, Dirt will be dissolved and the solution will become microscopically small crystals after it dries.

Dry natural organic cleaning method
Sprinkled natural organic cleaning compound evenly onto the carpets. Use a machine to brush-in through all directions, cleaning deep down within the fibres. Uplift flattened carpets piles to its softness, It works like millions of absorbent sponges and binds the dirt until the organic is dry.

Using a motorised brush action vacuum cleaner to vacuum up all absorbed dirt, soiled organic, crystals and leftover loose pole in the carpet or rug.

Sanitising spray to protect the carpet or rug against bacteria, viruses and allergens.


  • NO furniture removal
  • Short drying time, walk on immediately
  • Protects from re-soiling
  • Cost-efficient
  • Portable, large van NOT required

Carpet Friendly

  • NO soaked carpet or sub-floor
  • NO watermarks
  • NO sticky residues
  • NO chemical residues
  • Safe for all types of carpet
  • Colour and pile restore

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