5 Benefits of Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

5 Benefits of Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

As we all know, there are many cleaning service providers in the market that are striving hard to gather a large customer base. However, being  one of industry pioneers, we realize the importance of environment friendly cleaning products and how much customers nowadays prefer using environment friendly cleaning products. Not just one or two, but there are many benefits of using environment friendly cleaning products. The five most significant benefits of using  are listed here.

1. Eco-friendly Products Protect the Environment

As responsible citizens of Singapore, we are all accountable in using eco friendly cleaning products. This would largely mitigate the global warming that can have very harmful effects of the environment of Singapore. Non eco friendly cleaners have chemicals that aid in ozone depletion breaking the resistance of ultra violet rays to enter the environment. With the harmful ultra violet radiation, not only human life but aquatic life is also endangered. Eco friendly cleaners mitigate all these detrimental effects of chemicals.

2. Non Toxic Ingredient

Traditional workers that made cleaning products faced a lot of problems in vision and injuries due to the harsh chemicals being used in the cleaning products however that is not the case now, with eco friendly cleaning products. This is because these products are made up of ingredients that are hundred percent natural and extracted from herbs. Eco friendly cleaning products are made up of ingredients that are certified by the local laws that they are not toxic and cannot be a source of any detriment to the health of the workers.

3. Avoid Allergies by Harmful Chemical

In the same regard, eco friendly cleaning products provide great benefits for the users. Allergies caused by harmful chemicals used in the chemical cleaners are very common. These include breathing allergies mostly due to the harmful chemical gases in these cleaning products. These chemicals give rise to very volatile gases that damage the lungs. On the contrary, eco friendly cleaners are completely safe to use and do not give rise to any health hazards.

4. Safer Cleaning Product and Triclosan-free

Many cleaning products when used have a major agent, triclosan in them. This helps in the sanitization of the upholstery however it reduces the resistance of the bacteria against antibiotics. Humans known to have used cleaners having sanitization properties have reportedly experienced thyroid issues. Eco friendly products are triclosan free and thus are safer than non eco friendly products.

5. Use Herbal Extracts and Natural Bleaching agents

Lastly, in conventional cleaners, heavy metals and mutagens are used. These cause hormonal imbalances, anemia in children, cancer and mutation of red blood cells. Heavy metals specifically lead causes barriers in growth of children. On the other hand, eco friendly products use herbal extracts and natural bleaching agents that do not cause any harm to the health of the users. Absence of harsh chemicals in the eco friendly cleaning products ensure any discoloration of the fabric and furnishings of your upholstery. The future of Singapore would be in using non eco friendly cleaning products therefore only certified eco friendly cleaning products shall be used in order to bring about a better future for all.

House Dust Mites

House Dust Mites

One important group of arthropods linked to asthma and common allergies are house dust mites. In 1921, a link was suggested between asthmatic symptoms and allergy triggers and house dust, but it was not until 1964 that investigators suggested that a mite could be responsible. Further investigation linked a number of mite species to the allergen response and revealed that homes have more mites and, subsequently, more allergens. In addition, researchers established that fecal pellets deposited by the mites accumulated in home fabrics and could become airborne via domestic activities such as vacuuming and dusting, resulting in inhalation by the inhabitants of the home. House dust mites are distributed worldwide, with a minimum of 13 species identified from house dust. The two most common in the United States are the North American house dust mite ( Dermatophagoides farinae) and the European house dust mite ( D. pteronyssinus).

According to Lyon, house dust mites thrive in homes that provide a source of food and shelter. Most mites are found in bedrooms in bedding, where they spend up to a third of their lives. A typical mattress may have from 100,000 to 10 million mites in it. In addition, carpeted floors, especially long, loose pile carpet, provide a microhabitat for the accumulation of food and moisture for the mite, and also provide protection from removal by vacuuming. The house dust mite’s favourite food is human dander (skin flakes), which are shed at a rate of approximately 0.20 ounces per week.

House dust mites can be detected using diagnostic tests that measure the presence and infestation level of mites by combining dust samples collected from various places inside the home with indicator reagents Assuming the presence of mites, the precautions listed below should be taken if people with asthma and allergies are present in the home:

  • Use synthetic rather than feather and down pillows.
  • Change bedding and vacuum the bed base and mattress or use a professional company that provides this service on a regular basis.
  • Use nylon or cotton cellulose blankets rather than wool blankets.
  • Use hot (120°F–130°F [49°C–54°C]) water to wash all bedding, as well as room curtains.
  • Eliminate or reduce fabric wall hangings, curtains, and drapes.
  • Use wood, tile, linoleum, or vinyl floor covering rather than carpet.
  • Purchase stuffed toys that are machine washable.

High powered or industrial grade HEPA vacuums such as those used by professional mattress cleaning companies have also been shown to be effective. A conventional vacuum tends to be inefficient as a control measure and results in a significant increase in airborne dust concentrations.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pets can be significant asthma and allergy triggers because of dead skin flakes, urine, faeces, saliva, and hair. Proteins in the dander, urine, or saliva of warm-blooded animals can sensitize individuals and lead to allergic reactions or trigger asthmatic episodes. Warm-blooded animals include dogs, cats, birds, and rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, and mice). Numerous strategies, such as the following, can diminish or eliminate animal allergens in the home:

  • Eliminate animals from the home.
  • Thoroughly clean the home (including floors and walls) after the animal removal.
  • If pets must remain in the home, reduce pet exposure in sleeping areas. Keep pets away from upholstered furniture, carpeted areas, and stuffed toys, and keep the pets outdoors as much as possible
Hygienitech Systems – Crystal Ball

Hygienitech Systems – Crystal Ball

If I had a crystal ball, I’d be asking it “when is this COVID-19 pandemic going to end?”

I’d also be sanitizing it as often as possible with my hand-held UV-C germicidal light.

For more than 20-years we’ve been educating people around the world about the benefits of UV-C light.

We’ve also been equipping our service providers with all of the tools they need to sanitize every type of mattress, upholstered item or any type of porous surface, as well as hard surfaces, using the Hygienitech System and our UV-C based and chemical free process.

Now, more than ever before, we need to collectively get our message out and the best way to do it is using and dominating all of the social media.

It’s the ideal time to let everyone in your area know that while we cannot cure the COVID-19 virus, we can certainly do our part in stopping it from spreading.

Even if they’re reluctant to have you service their home or multi-bed environment right now because of all of the restrictions that are in place, they’ll certainly be ready for you when the world’s doors are finally open again.

With regard to these restrictions, it is important to note that although many places may be closed to the public, they may be very receptive to having our services performed now, before they open up for business. This applies to private homes as well. If you want to do something to show people that you’re capable of providing our services right now, then we would suggest that you do some digging online and locate some type of hazmat suit or any type of protective clothing, as well as a protective face mask.

If you’re able to do this, put this outfit on and either take a selfie or have someone take your picture and post this on your website and every social media site you’re on. We are professionals and we need to look that way, now more than ever.

My Crystal Ball might also tell me that when this pandemic is over, we will all be living in a different world. Everyone and every place of business is going to be more germophobic and more aware of the harmful contaminants in our surroundings.

I wish I was there to shake your hand (even though Dr. Fauci says that we should stop shaking hands now and forever) and thank you for being a member of the Global Hygienitech family.

Now let’s show the world what we can do.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay visible.

3 Most Stubborn Stains to Remove

3 Most Stubborn Stains to Remove

[responsive]Stubborn Stain on Carpet[/responsive]

The biggest challenge for any cleaning company is to remove tough and hard to go stains in the most effective and efficient manner. Having over many years of experience, we hold expertise in removing even the toughest stains. If we have to prioritise the three most difficult stains that take us the most amount of time, energy and cost, we would go for blood, coffee and ink stains. In this context, we are proud to state that we use the most latest techniques that remove these tough stains. There are a large number of simple as well as technology induced cleaning solutions that we make use of to remove these tough stains from your carpet, mattress, sofa and other upholstery.

Blood stains

Blood stains, being the toughest of the lot bring with them a considerable amount of anxiety with them. However, with the tips mentioned here the blood stains fade away completely. It shall be taken care of that with blood stains, always make use of cold water instead of hot water. This is because cold water mitigates and ceases the stain to penetrate deeply into the upholstery. For the removal of blood stains, take some liquid detergent in a spray bottle and liberally cover the stain. Following this, wash it off with ice cold water and the blood stain should come off immediately. Apart from this, for easy removal of blood stains, there are many bleach free agents that serve as effective cleaners for the removal of blood stains.

Coffee stains

Stating about coffee stains, it should be known that coffee stain can lead to the surface of the upholstery looking very dainty and ugly. They create a yellowish brown color exhibiting gross smell with the passage of time. If the coffee stain is not attended immediately, then, take a light colored paper towel and start with blotting on the coffee stain to extract all the stain. Make sure to use the one towel to extract all the extra spillage. Make a mixture of water and vinegar and with a sponge, scrub of the stain with the sponge until the coffee stain on the upholstery completely fades away. Afterwards, let the air dry the furnishing. Having said this, there are certain types of off the shelf cleaners specifically designed to remove coffee stains. You can find them easily at your local store.

Ink stains

On the other hand, speaking of ink stains, they are known to create havoc on the furnishings and fabrics of upholstery. The molecular break down of the ink stain is very hard to attain. However, with years of experimenting, we have finally come up with the best cleaning method for ink stains. Isopropyl is the main ingredient that aids in fast removal of ink stain. The more the quantity of isopropyl you would use, the faster the ink stain removal will speed up. Just dab a liberal amount of isopropyl alcohol on the ink stain and leave it on the stain for a few hours. Be sure not to rub in the alcohol as it would make the ink stain spread even more.

A final word in removing the three most challenging stains in cleaning is that always perform a patch test first before applying the cleaning method on the actual stain. Conclusively, always wear gloves to avoid any harmful agent in the cleaners to come in contact with your skin.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpet Maintenance Tips

[responsive]carpet cleaning service[/responsive]

It is a widely and commonly practiced misconception that upholstery shall only be sent for cleaning service when it becomes dull and appears dirty and smelly. If we specifically focus on carpets that constitute as an important part of the upholstery we have at our households and workplaces, there are potential health risks involved with carpets. Carpets are often an ensemble of luxury however many people in Singapore are allergic to the dust and air particles that embed in the carpets. This is what makes the cleaning of carpets of ultra importance.

You can wash and vacuum your carpet at home too but that would not be able to remove dust and dirt piled up in the depths of your carpet thus you would need to go for professional cleaning. We are one of the few cleaning service providers that have imported vacuums brought in to provide you with the deep cleaning of your carpet. If you engage with us, your carpet would no longer look dirty and dull. We would professionally clean and provide you with soft and squeaky clean carpets.

The two most effective tips for carpet cleaning to prevent allergies are listed below.

1. Vacuum your carpet once or twice a week

Vacuum your carpet once a week to prevent dirt from embedding itself. Frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of your carpet.  You should be aware of the fact that in order to prevent any allergies, you should take your carpet for cleaning to a professional cleaning service provider like us. This shall be done every year or semi annually to be on the safe side. We use around seventy percent less water to clean carpets. This is because the less the water used in carpet cleaning, the less likely it is for the allergens to settle on the carpet.

2. Use chemical free cleaning formulations

Use chemical free cleaning formulations to clean blot or spills. Chemicals trigger allergies in children and pets and thus can cause asthma in small kids. They can also cause skin allergies like rashes on the fur of the pets and skin of humans. Use green friendly formulations that are hundred percent chemical safe or mix one part white vinegar with one part water and pour it into a handheld sprayer. Spray the solution on the entire stained area and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to soak in before pressing a clean sponge to the affected area

It shall be of noteworthy significance that if you use shampoos and detergents to clean your carpet, then it could prove to be giving rise to allergens. This is because the fragrances of these shampoos and detergents could prove to be allergic therefore it is best to use fragrance free detergents. More so, if you are seriously allergic or are prone to get allergic due to carpet cleaning, then ask a friend or a family member to do the carpet cleaning for you.

A precaution that you shall take is to wear a mask while doing the carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaning should take place in a clean environment that is dust free. Keeping in view these tips, you can maintain your carpet and be allergy free.


How to Remove Water Stain on Sofa

How to Remove Water Stain on Sofa

Operating as one of the major and prime upholstery cleaning services in Singapore, we are well aware that upholstery in Singaporean households undoubtedly play a key role. Every household has a substantial amount of upholstery in their living rooms as well as in their bedrooms. The main elements of upholstery mostly include sofas and carpets. People try and spend a large portion of their income in decorating their homes by buying the best quality sofas with the most unique looking fabric on it. However, even with the best quality sofas, you can never get rid of the dirt and dust that makes your sofas unclean and that is where our cleaning services play their role exceptionally well.

Throwing light upon the staining of the sofas, water play a major part in staining the upholstery. This is primarily because water is the most used fluid drank by both; adults and kids. People usually sit on their sofas and then drink water increasing the risk of accidental spillage of the water staining the fabric of the sofa.

how to clean sofa

With us being in the business of providing cleaning services, we assure you to keep your worries at bay regarding water staining the fabric of your sofa. Here, we provide you the most tried and tested ways of water stain removal from the fabric of your sofa.

First and fore mostly, turn a large and wide towel inside out and iron it with a great finish. Light colored towel would be preferable. Next, carefully place the water stained sofa fabric on the towel. After wetting the stained area lightly, press the iron on the stain. Once it cools down, repeat the ironing of the stain. This should dry out the stain completely. Repetition of ironing the stain, around three to four times should ensure that no traces of the stain are left on the fabric of your sofa.

Apart from this, if the water stain on your sofa fabric is left unattended for a long span, then you would have to put in a little more effort as the stain would have toughened a bit causing a brownish tone on the fabric. This would cause you sofa to appear dingy. To encounter this, you can take a dry sponge and apply a little alcohol on it. Scrub the area of the sofa fabric where the water stain rests and leave it to dry. The alcohol breaks down the molecules of the stain and you would see the stain vanishing in a while. If you are using this method to clean your sofa fabric, make sure not to do it a heated environment as it could worsen the stain.

An exception to this is if you have a leather sofa. In this case, you should pull out the cloth from the sofa and let it out in an open place for it to dry. Be careful that the open place is not sunny or heated but a cool place preferably a room with fans. Making use of a high quality leather conditioner, treat the leather with extra caution.

How to Remove Pet Stains & Odors from your Upholstery

How to Remove Pet Stains & Odors from your Upholstery

Carpets, mattresses and sofas are prone to get dirty quickly especially when you have pets at home. Pets are also likely to create a mess on these upholsteries by either spilling edible items on them or by jumping on them. Apart from this, they have the tendency to spill crumbs of pet food on the sofas and mattresses and pee on it as well.

[responsive]Getting Rid of Pets Odor[/responsive]

Even the most obedient pets sometimes will accidentally wet the carpet for whatever reason. Dog will leaves an odor that will attract them to repeatedly return to the same spot while cat pee is simply horrendous. Avoid using ammonia based products to clean dog urine. One of the ingredients of dog urine is ammonia and he may well be encouraged to re-offend in the same area. Pet urine or poo will end up making the upholstery smelling gross but we have three most useful and helpful tips to help you get rid of your pet stain and odor at home.

Below is a proven methods that will removes your pet’s urine smell and stains from carpets and upholstery.

1. Hydrogen peroxide mixture

A hydrogen peroxide mixture is very useful in getting rid of pet odor and stains. Along with this you would need a baking soda which will breaking down tough stains and making them easily removable.

First cover up the whole area of the stain with a towel preferably a paper towel. This would aid in the absorption of any excess fluid. Then, cover the stain with baking soda and spill some liquid detergent over it. Carefully rub the area until the whole stain comes out easily. The detergent aids in mitigating the foul smell made by pets. The stain or any other discharge will come off easily and you would be left with a fresh smelling sofa or mattress.

2. Vinegar & Baking Soda

The most effective tip to remove pet odor is a mixture made up of baking soda and vinegar- both items readily available in the premise of your own home. Add up these two ingredients with some lukewarm water and spray it over the stain to see the magic. These two ingredients literally make a magical combination in the removal of stains. Within a matter of just a few seconds, your upholstery will be stain free.

The tips covered in this write up are not only extremely effective but inexpensive too. Most of the ingredients involved in these tips are readily available at your local convenient store. Thus, you now need to worry not at all about your pets staining your upholstery and making it smelling gross. With these tips in mind, all you need to do is sit back and spend quality time with your pets.

How to Remove Water Stain on Sofa

The Importance of Getting your Mattress and Sofa Cleaned

You may think your home is clean, the floors have been mopped, the surfaces have been cleared and wiped and the beds are made. But when was the last time you cleaned your mattress or your sofa?

[responsive]Sofa Cleaning[/responsive]
Did you know how essential it is to cleaning these pieces of furniture at regular intervals? If you’re not cleaning these highly porous materials then there’s a chance the bedding and cushions in your home are already swarming with dust mites, bacteria, allergens and even dead flakes. Sofas and mattresses are a perfect breeding ground for microbes, mites and fungi and they also keep dust and allergens trapped within.

Risks if you don’t Deep Clean your Sofas and Mattresses?

When you don’t clean your mattresses or sofas you don’t know how seriously you could be putting your health at risk. Although it’s unlikely, you need to be aware of the serious health issues that you could be causing yourself and your family by neglecting these furniture pieces.

Firstly, you are at risk of sleep deprivation. This is because dust mites and allergens can cause skin irritation which can lead to you waking several times in the night. Prolonged sleep deprivation can even cause insomnia, mood disorders and even obesity.

Secondly, your body is at risk of allergic reactions. A dirty sofa or mattress is home to millions of microscopic bugs known as dust mites. They feed on human dead skin flakes and can be the cause of itchiness, lung irritation and even asthma attacks. Unfortunately, dust mites are known to live very deep within the fibres of sofas and mattresses so once they are in, it’s extremely difficult to completely remove them and they reproduce very quickly.


How Often should I be Cleaning my Mattress and Sofa?

It’s usually best to get your mattresses and sofas cleaned by a professional as they have the correct tools and techniques to do the job. Chances are if you use harsh detergents then you could damage the fabric and overall look to your sofa. An expert professional mattress and sofa cleaning company can safely get the job done in no time and completely minimise the risk of your furniture being damaged. Not only this but a professional company can save you from unnecessary hassles and headaches and will leave you with a deep-cleaned, expert result.

There are no strict rules or guidelines on how often you should get your sofas and mattresses cleaned, however we recommend every 6 months is a safe amount of time. Don’t wait for your mattress or sofa to become visibly filthy before you consider cleaning them, it could be that by this point your furniture is so infested you will need to change them altogether. So get in a regular habit throughout the year and keep your home dust and mite free.

Which Cleaning Company should I Choose?

Before you choose which cleaning firm you’d like to call in, you should check out the company’s reviews, a quick online search should give you a fair idea about the company’s background. Companies who have an excellent customer service record are most likely to best complete the qualified job. Also check the company’s industry experience; better experienced technicians are much less likely to damage your sofa or mattress. New companies unfortunately try to lure customers in with discounts and deals but may not perform a thorough job.

Check out the company’s certifications and business affiliations, a business who has more credentials will usually be able to provide a much more satisfying service. Lastly you should always compare services; your company of choice should have a competitive price and offer detailed quotations. You don’t need to break the bank for a simple mattress and sofa cleaning service.

Finally, if you have never thought about getting your sofas and mattresses deep cleaned, now you know how important it is. These furniture’s are supposed to provide you comfort, so with a proper and regular deep cleaning habit, you can ensure their comfort and safety for years to come.

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Household Allergens Facts

Household Allergens Facts

What is Allergens?

Allergens are substances that are foreign to the body and can cause an allergic reaction in certain people. Allergens are everywhere in the world around us. Examples of common allergens are pollen, foods, and mold.

Allergens can also be found in a variety of sources in our home. Below is a list of common household allergens that can cause symptoms in susceptible people.

House Dust Mites

House dust mites are tiny and love moist, warm and dark environments. Mattresses are an ideal environment for dust mites (250 microns) at room temperatures of more than 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) and relative humidity of 60-80%. Bacteria infested flakes of dry skin offer mites a rich source of food. Their reproductive rate is very high. Natural enemies, such as predatory mites, are extinct. Up to 2,500 mites have been counted in one gram of dust. That means there are up to one million mites in one double size mattress!! This throng produces a corresponding amount of guanine containing mite excrement (1 to 20 microns). Scientific evidence indicates that this is a cause of allergies and related problems e.g. asthma, bronchitis, inflammation of the mucous membranes, reddening of the eyes and itching. With every movement of the body in bed, dust and mite excrement are churned up. The mattress acts as a bellows, blowing dirt into mouth, nose, eyes and onto the skin.


Several species of the tiny one-celled life forms, often called bacilli, cause disease. In some cases, they are even resistant to antibiotics.


Mould comes into existence because of moisture and insufficient ventilation. Once they take hold, mold shed tiny spores which trigger indoor allergy symptoms.


Without exception, the members of this class of microorganisms are pathogens which can cause infections, fever and other symptoms. Some types of viruses have become much more aggressive in the past several decades.


Spores spread in the form of fungi. They can cause diseases, in particular a fungal infection of the skin, which can be hard to treat.

Flakes of Dry Skin

The human body sheds as much as 1.5g of dry skin flakes per day. That is more than one pound every year! People with psoriasis lose many times more. A large amount of this dry skin ends up in the mattress and grows bacteria, becoming rancid and causing an unpleasant rancid odor. That typical bedroom odor! Dust Particles Up to several pounds in a single mattress, dust particles can be as small as 1 to 20 microns. Dust is a mixture of organic and inorganic particles, flakes of dry skin, salt from perspiration, mite excrement, etc., and is a carrier of mite excrement and bacteria.

Air Circulation

Air Circulation belongs to the significant functional properties of the environment. The air circulation at the movement of the environment is comparable to a sponge, which absorbs water and releases it being pressed together. With every movement, the included dust of the environment can be released into the air of the room.

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