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The biggest challenge for any cleaning company is to remove tough and hard to go stains in the most effective and efficient manner. Having over many years of experience, we hold expertise in removing even the toughest stains. If we have to prioritise the three most difficult stains that take us the most amount of time, energy and cost, we would go for blood, coffee and ink stains. In this context, we are proud to state that we use the most latest techniques that remove these tough stains. There are a large number of simple as well as technology induced cleaning solutions that we make use of to remove these tough stains from your carpet, mattress, sofa and other upholstery.

Blood stains

Blood stains, being the toughest of the lot bring with them a considerable amount of anxiety with them. However, with the tips mentioned here the blood stains fade away completely. It shall be taken care of that with blood stains, always make use of cold water instead of hot water. This is because cold water mitigates and ceases the stain to penetrate deeply into the upholstery. For the removal of blood stains, take some liquid detergent in a spray bottle and liberally cover the stain. Following this, wash it off with ice cold water and the blood stain should come off immediately. Apart from this, for easy removal of blood stains, there are many bleach free agents that serve as effective cleaners for the removal of blood stains.

Coffee stains

Stating about coffee stains, it should be known that coffee stain can lead to the surface of the upholstery looking very dainty and ugly. They create a yellowish brown color exhibiting gross smell with the passage of time. If the coffee stain is not attended immediately, then, take a light colored paper towel and start with blotting on the coffee stain to extract all the stain. Make sure to use the one towel to extract all the extra spillage. Make a mixture of water and vinegar and with a sponge, scrub of the stain with the sponge until the coffee stain on the upholstery completely fades away. Afterwards, let the air dry the furnishing. Having said this, there are certain types of off the shelf cleaners specifically designed to remove coffee stains. You can find them easily at your local store.

Ink stains

On the other hand, speaking of ink stains, they are known to create havoc on the furnishings and fabrics of upholstery. The molecular break down of the ink stain is very hard to attain. However, with years of experimenting, we have finally come up with the best cleaning method for ink stains. Isopropyl is the main ingredient that aids in fast removal of ink stain. The more the quantity of isopropyl you would use, the faster the ink stain removal will speed up. Just dab a liberal amount of isopropyl alcohol on the ink stain and leave it on the stain for a few hours. Be sure not to rub in the alcohol as it would make the ink stain spread even more.

A final word in removing the three most challenging stains in cleaning is that always perform a patch test first before applying the cleaning method on the actual stain. Conclusively, always wear gloves to avoid any harmful agent in the cleaners to come in contact with your skin.

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